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Moving Check List

As we all know, moving house is an incredibly stressful process. We hope that the following guide goes some way to help the process.

The following list by its nature is generic and you may make different decisions as to how you would like to proceed but in general you will need to organise the following:

Booking specialist moving company get more than one quotation and be really confident about the quality of the service. Ideally get a personal recommendation from someone who has used the company. Which company you ultimately use will have a huge impact on how stress free your day is. Remember you are entrusting all your possessions to whoever you chose.

Utility Services - To avoid any issues, we would recommend that you take final meter readings as you leave your old property and advise the relevant companies immediately so that they can close your accounts. Remember if you are on cable TV or Sky you will need to advise them too. Remember to inform the local council and water board of your move.

Change of addressApart from friends and family there are numerous companies that will send post to your home address. These will all have to be advised of your change of address. The main ones are as follows:- banks and building societies, credit card providers, solicitors and accountants, magazine and journal subscriptions, memberships (including gym, theatre, cinema, national trust, wine societies etc etc) loyalty cards providers, shopping brochures and for those of you who have children don’t forget schools and colleges.

Passport and driving license - You must tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) immediately of any changes to your name, address or both. You can update your driving license online or send it to DVLA for amendment. A new license will be issued free of charge unless your photograph is due for renewal. There is no need to take any action with regards to your passport.

TV license - Your TV License covers you at a specified address, not just you as an individual, so when you move home it doesn't automatically move with you. This can easily be done online.

Electoral register - The electoral register is complied each year from information collected in August and September from every household in the UK. There are credit implications if you are not on the electoral register. So if your move is post August you may want to update your details.

Organising broadband/phone/tv services - All this can be done in advance so that when you arrive in your new home all these facilities are already set up for you.

Registering with a new GP - If you are moving out of your area, remember to register with a new GP.

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Redirecting post - Inevitably, however organised you are about advising everyone of your move, there will be some you forget. It also often takes a while for some companies to process a change of address advice. So to ensure that you get all your mail you can have your post redirected to your new address by the Royal Mail. You can do this for any period from 1 to 12 months.


If you deal with Her Majesties Revenue and Customs directly you will need to advise them of your change of address. This can be done by following the instructions on the HMRC website. However, for most of us all we need to do is advise our employers and they will update the necessary records.