Guide To Renting

Tenants guide to Renting a Property

Before commencing with the tenancy we will need to obtain satisfactory references from your employer and/or a previous or current landlord. There may also be instances when we require a personal reference or guarantor. Personal & photographic identification will also be required, such as a passport or driving licence. This will be required when returning your application.

Tenants Administration Fee
We ask that you pay this to cover the administration costs of preparing the tenancy documentation and costs of reference checks. Under company policy we do not allow anyone to reserve property without first viewing it officially with one of our members of staff. After viewing a property if you decide that you would like to let it then you need to visit or telephone our office and pay an administration fee. This will hold the property for up to 2 weeks in which time we will prepare the paperwork for you to move in.

Please note that should the tenant fail references due to information not being provided or fail to return the application within a two week period the tenant administration fee is non-refundable. Should the landlord decide not to go ahead with the Let then a full refund will be allocated to the tenant.

Inventory & Schedule of Condition
Before the start of the tenancy, an inventory is prepared detailing the contents and condition of the property. You will be provided with a copy and so will the landlord. You will be asked to sign the original copy once you have completed the move in inspection with a member of staff.

Deposit & Rent
Once all references have been completed we will then arrange a move in date. Please note that your first months’ rent and deposit should be paid before keys are handed over. This also needs to be cleared funds.

How the DPS Scheme works?

  1. The tenant pays the landlord or letting agent their deposit.

  2. The letting agent/landlord pays the money in to the DPS scheme within 30 days of receiving it.

  3. Upon receipt of the deposit, the DPS provides confirmation and details of the protection scheme to the letting agent/landlord and tenant.

  4. When the tenancy comes to amend, the letting agent/landlord and tenant agree repayment of the deposit including any interest accrued, usually within 10 days.

  5. In the case of any dispute, The DPS return any undisputed monies plus interest to the relevant party, but hold the disputed portion until the Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (ADR) or courts decide what is fair.

  6. Your deposit cannot be used to pay your rent.

When can I move in?
Once the tenancy has been signed and rent & deposit have cleared, the tenancy can proceed. You cannot collect the keys to your new home.

Can I have pets in my new home?
You must consult us prior to obtaining a pet.

What if I find any faults or repairs that need addressing?
If you find any problems with the property you are renting, you should contact us immediately. Once we have been informed of any issues/faults we will instruct the landlord and await their instruction. This is only for tenants that have rented a managed property. Properties that have been rented under a finder’s fee only basis will have to contact the landlord direct.

Can I decorate the property?
You must consult us prior to carrying out any changes to the property. We will contact the landlord and await his permission.

Do I have to pay for Council Tax & Utility Bills?
As a tenant you will be responsible for any utility bills like water, gas, electric as well as council tax, unless there is a special arrangement with the landlord of the property. You will also be responsible for a TV license at the property, if you watch TV without a license you risk being fined. Please check the tenancy agreement details.

Do I need insurance as a tenant?
The landlord of the property is responsible for insuring the building and any furnishings that come with it. You will be responsible for insuring your own contents/personal possessions stored within the rented property. Please be aware that tenants CAN NOT claim for their personal possessions via the landlord insurance

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Can I run a business from the property I rent?
No. You must use the property solely for residential purposes unless specifically agreed in advance, in writing.





As a tenant, what am I responsible for?

As a tenant, you are responsible for:

  • Prompt payment of the rent

  • Prompt payment of gas, telephone, electricity, council tax

  • Reporting any damages to the property or furnishings within the property as soon as possible

  • Taking general good care of the property

  • Respect the needs of your neighbours